A few words from some of our past clients.

If you have worked with us previously, please take a moment to fill out your review! Your feedback is very much appreciated, it helps us grow our company and continually provide improved customer service, as well as giving our new customers insight on working with GLE!

  • Well Done!

    John - Vale

  • Very Enthusiastic - Great Course!


  • The TDG course was informative and engaging. Mike did a great job and shared real-life experiences! Excellent job! Thank you!

    Matt - Vale

  • The TDG course instructor had an excellent presentation and had great knowledge!

    Mike - Vale

  • Your instructor kept the class engaged in learning! Great course. Excellent information and well presented!

    Shawn - New Gold

  • The course was informative and concise!

    James - New Gold

  • Good Job! Presenter had a lot of knowledge.

    Steve - New Gold

  • Excellent course! Awesome presenter! Kept me interested for the full course.

    Brad - New Gold

  • Great job, excellent PACE. Instructor had excellent knowledge, good presentation skills. TDG will never be boring with him.

    Robert C

  • Course content was very well done. Presenter kept the session very active and created participation to increase learning opportunity.


  • If a company truly cares about it's Health and Safety, Greenlights is a phenomenal platform to solidify WHMIS compliance.


  • Instructor had good stores and examples which helped make course interesting. The information was well organized.

    Ronald P. - DND

  • The TDG instructor knew his stuff. He was very interesting speaker.

    Gus G. - DND

  • Good real world stories to tie into course information.

    Paxton S

  • Great content!

    Shannon K

  • Great presenter, keeps it light but informative.

    Greg Spry

  • The TDG course was very specific to our needs with great manifest coverage.

    J. Weis

  • The course was very entertaining and interactive.

    Derek L

  • Great class instructor

    Marsha S

  • Course was very easy to understand. The instructor kept the course interesting.

    Gordon S

  • Very good course. Great instructor.

    Graham L.

  • I learned lots. Good instructor. Well done.

    Robert L.

  • It was so good I joked and said next time I will bring the whole family to enjoy it. Great job.

    Robert T

  • This was a recertification TDG course: The Presenter does a good job keeping people focused. He's funny and relateable. Makes it easy to absorb TDG.

    Mark L

  • Very good training and presentation. They are consistent!

    Bruno F

  • Of the many TDG courses i have taken, this one was the most informative for me. Mike the instructor was very knowledge and made the course very enjoyable and not boring. I found this time because of the way Mike presented the course it was very informative for me and easy to retain the information being explained to me. This man knows his stuff. I would highly recommend taking the course through him.

    Christine M

  • Interesting course. These practical cases and examples impressed me a lot. Michael is the best instructor I have ever met.


  • Great Instructor - Very knowledgeable.

    Daric T. Cdn Cst Grd

  • Awesome presenter, very skilled with good examples and knowledge.

    Yvan L.

  • The IMDG course I attended was very informative. The instructor kept it engaging. Great at engaging the whole group.

    Matt K.

  • The general spill response course was very enjoyable. I liked the stories and experiences being shared. Very engaging!

    Mike H.

  • Very educational Spill Response Course, the hands-on portion was an added advantage. Great job!


  • The course by Green Lights was very well presented and informative.

    Colleen Vaillancourt

  • The presenter was very knowledgeable and well prepared.

    Dan Clark

  • Very good at presenting. The Trainer was very knowledgeable.

    Tim S.

  • The trainer had some good relative stories. He was very helpful at how TDG applied to our work.

    Norm Legault

  • The TDG course was presented with interesting examples and stories. Great course!

    Roger T

  • Nov 1 2018 Green Lights just provided a training course for our group. Driver Training for Waste Management Systems EPA Reg 347 C-12 LDR TDGA. The course content was full of good stuff. The presenter was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. We are having him back for more.


  • We appreciate having Mike the right subject matter expert to ensure we have the best trained personnel with the right knowledge to continue delivering a great product to our customers. Our team provided positive feedback and left the course with a new perspective for safety awareness. Thank you.

    Pedro C

  • Presenter was excellent and C-12 Reg 347 presentation was easy to follow and understand.

    Evan M

  • Green Lights course for C12 REg 347 was very good! Kept everyone's attention.


  • Mike was great he kept everyone involved in the C-12 Reg 347 EPA Liquid Waste course he provided to our group of 19.

    April Morrell

  • You guys are amazing...thank you! Always super easy dealing with Green Lights.


  • Excellent presentation and the course content was very well delivered.

    Mike B - Vale

  • Presenter used humour to help make his point making the course more enjoyable.

    Blair - ATCO

  • Great work from the presenter!

    Thomas - DND

  • Very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. I enjoyed the real life stories of the presenter and I can take the course material with me for future reference.

    Victoria - DND

  • The presenter was able to answer site/location specific questions and provide answers and detailed information.


  • Humour assists greatly in covering a serious but dry topic. Thoroughly met expectations, thanks!

    Bob ECC

  • WHMIS 2015 Product Specific Training referring to our workplace's procedures for storage, handling, use, disposal, emergencies, spills, and what to do in unusual situations. Well informed instructor. Includes group in discussion relevant to course material.


  • Mike delivers course material with enthusiasm and keeps people engaged. Great stories to compliment training.

    Brynn C.

  • Course had very good content. Kept everyone's attention.

    Greg S.

  • Great presenter!

    Patricia C.

  • The training given by Green Lights was very well done. Kept me awake!


  • The stories and experiences provided during training help to keep the TDG course interesting.


  • The trainer had very good knowledge of TDG and related regulations.

    Felix Lopes

  • Great job regarding the training received by Green Lights. Very energetic!

    Michelle - LOPES

  • The presenter of this TDG program is very good!

    Peter Trottier - Vale

  • Very good speaker and knowledgeable on all topics.

    Brendan M.

  • Very knowledgeable, excellent course and trainer.

    Jeff F.

  • Trainer kept everyone involved and had stories to relate to real events.

    Suzanne L

  • Lots of great information, good refresher, very interactive. Great banter, good examples, lots of information.

    Stan Rabski

  • Good presentation, engaging presenter. Very knowledgeable.

    Brad Crawford

  • Course content and presenter were very clear.

    Noel M.

  • Very well done. Thank you!!

    Ryan McKie

  • Very well done. Helpful by using actual examples.

    Kevin Haner

  • Good job!

    Jack L. - Vale

  • TDG course kept us focused. Very good presenter, has lots of knowledge.

    Michel Larose

  • Excellent examples (Real World). Excellent flow of the information presented.

    Brian K

  • Good approach and style.

    Robert Cote

  • The course was very interactive and entertaining.


  • Mike trained most of our staff in person, with the remaining employees doing the training online. The training was excellent both in person and online, and I would recommend either to anyone.

    Doug Cirelli

  • 5 was the highest rating Green Lights had on their Training Evaluation Form. I gave a 5 in all areas and added my own 6 for the presenter because he was exceptional. He provided very clear and easy was of understanding.

    Andrrew N.

  • I really appreciated the work your team did when they removed the waste from our facility. Thank you.

    Dana - Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development

  • "...you have been a godsend & taken a load off of my shoulders with the waste disposals. Thank you!"

    Lina - SnoLab

  • We were really pleased with the Half Mask and N95 course. Mike was very informative and kept everyone’s attention.

    Victoria - MNDM

  • Mike is an excellent TDG instructor, and provides an interesting course that is easy to follow and understand

    Doug Cirelli, CANUN

  • Very informative all around.

    Pat Sabourin

  • The TDG course I attended was very interesting. The instructor was very knowledgeable about what he does.

    Fyland Gallagher, Vale

  • The online WHMIS management system seems to cover everything. This course is 100%!


  • I took their Bear Awareness Online Training - The information is excellent. The learning management system is extremely informative and I found that it benefited me greatly.


  • Excellent presentation. Very well done. The trainer was well versed, very knowledgeable and skilled.


  • The course was well laid out. The trainer used personal experiences to interact with the group.

    Sean Sokoloskie

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The content & presenter were excellent.

    Guy G.

  • Very knowledgeable trainer.

    Brian F.

  • Outstanding! The presenter used many examples with explanations.

    John Wirta

  • Well presented!

    Chuck Arlauskis

  • Good knowledge on subject matter. Great course!


  • Excellent!

    Syed Imam, Vale

  • Very good spill response training. Learned lots that I didn't know. I feel better prepared by doing a hands on mock spill.


  • The real life examples that were given were very helpful to put things into perspective.


  • Good presenting skills, easy to stay engaged!

    Leo, New Gold

  • The materials covered what we required. The presentation was well presented.


  • Very good presentation. Presenter was excellent.

    Ellwood Hamel, First Nickel

  • This course actually kept my attention despite the legislative information that tends to put people to sleep. Great course!

    Mike H.

  • The course & materials provided were excellent. The presenter was well versed.

    Angelo P., Vale Water Treatment

  • Very informative course.

    Dawson G.

  • Well done, good presenter and presentation.

    Wayne Cooper, ETC

  • Very good course.

    Zach S., ETC Inc

  • Goooooooood!

    Danny, ETC

  • Presenter was very good keep it interesting.

    Les T., ETC

  • This course was well received by the group.

    Paul Yaw, ETC Inc.

  • I learned a lot at this course.

    Alex, ETC

  • Excellent TDG course.

    James G., ETC

  • I attended a TDG course recently and it was much better than any I've attended in the past. I rated it outstanding.


  • Very enthusiastic and informative.


  • Better than I thought it would be, great job Green Lights!


  • Good job by trainer, considering how dry regulations and legislation can be, he really kept my attention.

    Jeff L.

  • Excellent presentation.

    Don F.

  • Good delivery of material. The instructor was really good, he had an excellent knowledge of chemicals, situations and regulations.

    Ryan M.

  • Great course, very informative!


  • This course was very well presented considering how dry the material is, it was the best I've experienced.


  • This course was a real eye opener!


  • Interesting teaching! Very good course.

    Rob G.

  • Instructions given by the presenter were very clear and concise. Good job!

    Guy L.

  • Outstanding. Everything was very good.

    Ashleigh C.

  • The trainer could answer all the questions which was great to hear from an experienced person.

    Robert P.

  • Very informative teacher, he had good knowledge of the material presented.

    Michel L.

  • The course was very good, easy to understand.

    Sarah H.

  • Presentation and presenter were exceptional.

    Anthony B.

  • The presenter was outstanding, he knew his stuff.

    Adam L.

  • Very Informative Course. Well Done. Easy to Follow. Good Sense of Humour.

    Byron M.

  • Very good course!

    Derrick C.

  • This course met all expectations and then some.

    Ed F.

  • Great info!

    Keith Trott

  • The Basic Awareness OHS Supervisors course that Green Lights presented was exceptionally done. Our employees came away with a clear understanding of their responsibilities as supervisors.

    ETC (Environmentally Tested Clean)

  • Stellar!

    Paul M.

  • Surprisingly, a course I was dreading turned out to be quite interesting. The presenter did a fantastic job!

    Don A.


    Steve B.

  • I gave them straight 5's on their evaluation because the course and presenter (Mike) was outstanding.

    Lloyd D.

  • Good job, excellent speaker.

    Ron L.

  • Mike the trainer kept my attention so I consider the course to be a good one.

    Aaron M.

  • The materials Green Lights provided will be very useful. I understand what was taught it was well presented.

    Aruthur T.

  • Good speaker, well done.

    Kevin D.

  • The presenter gave very good examples of hazards and accidents that were possible in our line of work.

    Jeff G.

  • The course content was presented very well. The presenter was exceptional.

    Claude L.

  • Excellent presentation, the presenter was very good.

    Leo M.

  • I found this course to be a very good one.

    David M.

  • Outstanding presenter and presentation of course. Well done!

    Tony Pawluch, Supervisor Warehousing Vale

  • Presenter kept course interesting. He used past examples to keep material interesting.

    Steve C.

  • The trainer had good personal experience and discussed related issues.

    Greg S.

  • Green Lights puts on a great course. Well presented.

    Tim R.

  • The TDG course I attended was presented in an easy to understand manner.

    Bert P.

  • The way this course was presented made it easy to understand.

    Don G.

  • This course was very easy to understand.

    Stephane, Vale

  • I appreciated that the trainer could answer all of the questions posed.

    Chris C.

  • I rate them number ONE for training.

    J. Armstrong

  • When asked for an evaluation of the course presented by Green Lights I gave them a 5 in all areas: meaning outstanding.

    Gary Remington, Senior Environment Specialist

  • Green Lights presented an IMDG course at our office. The material was useful and well presented. I understood clearly what was being taught.

    Anthony, General Electric

  • The trainer did a good job, he's a well spoken individual. The contents in this presentation were easy to understand.

    Jeff B.

  • The presenter was attentive, very knowledgeable and spoke enthusiastically.

    Andy K.

  • I stayed awake, that means it was well presented.

    Jeremy M.

  • The course that Green Lights did was very well done. The presenter was excellent and so was the presentation of the course.

    Jules G.

  • Would I attend another Green Lights course? Yes, he was a very good presenter.

    Norm B.

  • The training information provided with the course I attended will be very useful.

    Robert B.

  • Very good course held by Green Lights. Speaker was interesting and knowledgeable.

    Mark M.

  • Really good course, trainer knew his stuff.


  • I attended a course this week presented by Green Lights and I found it to be exceptional.

    David V.

  • Outstanding TDG course! Kept everyone's attention, very clear direction, very informative.

    Ken R., Vale

  • The TDG course held by Green Lights was very well presented and kept the group attentive! Good job!

    Scott, Vale

  • All of the training materials provided at the TDG course were easily understood and very handy.

    James, Vale

  • I just attended a TDG course that was very good. The presenter was able to answer all questions very knowledgeably.

    Kevin, Vale

  • The presenter and material covered in the TDG course by Green Lights met all my expectations, it was easy to understand.

    Pietro, Vale

  • The TDG course I attended was outstanding in both presentation and course content.

    Pierre P., Vale

  • The TDG course held at my facility, maintained good interaction and interest level throughout the entire session. The trainer was able to provide real life examples and answer questions in a simple manner, thanks.

    Rick M., Vale

  • Green Lights provided the TDG training at a very good pace. Thank you!

    Robert, Vale

  • The TDG training I received this morning was very well presented. The material provided was clear and concise.

    Dennis, Vale

  • Green Lights presenter for TDG knew his stuff. It was great to be trained by someone with experience. I left the course actually learning something.

    Rob, Vale

  • The TDG course was very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class interesting.

    Mike M., Vale

  • The TDG instructor was knowledgeable and interesting.

    Richard, Vale

  • Best instructor yet. He covered all the required material and kept people engaged.

    Trevor, Vale

  • I have had the pleasure of working very closely with this company to set up our TDG training program. Their professionalism and commitment is outstanding and I would highly recommend them.

    Mike Donnelly, Vale

  • The TDG training my crew received today was outstanding. The course content and the presenter kept our attention and was taught by a Certified Hazardous Materials Technician.

    James, Vale

  • Green Lights provides an excellent service. I appreciate the fact that their sharps disposal program doesn't require a contract.

    Dr. Danny Rain, DDS

  • This letter is to endorse the process that Green Lights Environmental uses to dispose of the Stench Gas (Ethyl Mercaptan) as used as an underground Mine Warning Device. (MWD) This approach has assisted some of our clients in a more environmentally friendly (green) way of disposing of the unspent product.

    Peter Smith, President, Zacon Limited

  • I just attended a TDG course presented by Mike who was a great speaker. The course content was also provided in written form and it was easy to understand. Thank you.

    Larry, Vale

  • I just attended a TDG course that was outstanding, compared to any other TDG course I've taken in the past. Great job!

    Paul, Vale

  • The TDG course I attended was very well presented.

    Lorne, Vale

  • The TDG training I received recently was very well presented. Mike was a very good speaker and the information flowed well.

    Wes, Vale

  • Learned a lot about regulations and their importance, I didn't understand the legalities prior to this course. The question & answer period was very well educational as well.

    Robert G.

  • The course was set at a good pace with good information. The instructor provided good examples and the discussion was very well led with much participation by the group.

    Peter Larsen, Vale

  • Very good spill response training. Learned lots that I didn't know. I fell better prepared by doing a hands on mock spill.


  • Good knowledge on subject matter. Great course!


  • Outstanding! The presenter used many examples with explanations.

    John Wirta

  • Very knowledgeable trainer.

    Brian F

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The content & presenter were excellent.

    Guy G

  • The course was well laid out. The trainer used personal experiences to interact with the group.

    Sean Sokoloskie

  • Excellent presentation. Very well done. The trainer was well versed, very knowledgeable and skilled.


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