Recycle Reuse Reduce 3R Waste Audit Reports Ontario Canada

Waste Audit Experts

Certified. Autonomous. Impartial. Recycle Reuse Reduce. The Team from Green Lights Environmental Solutions are the foremost Waste Audit Experts in Northern Ontario.

Performing Waste Audits for all industries no matter their size or location:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Educational
  • Institutional

If your goal is to recycle smart then you want Green Lights to perform your 3R Waste Audit (RRR) You will receive a detailed and well organized Waste Audit Report outlining the profile and project scope, waste audit methodology, waste results, diversion and capture rate as well as recommendations.

Green Lights Environmental Solutions is here to help you maintain compliance. We do not provide generic waste disposal for waste such as cardboard, plastic, paper but we will certainly assist you in attaining your goals to Recycle Reuse Reduce.

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