Certified Playground Inspections Northern Ontario

Certified Playground Safety Inspection Inspector

Green Lights demonstrates the skills required to properly provide detailed safety inspections for your playground equipment.

Fundamentally, playgrounds are linked to learning but they also can become a hazard if not inspected annually and maintained.

Inspections include but are not listed in its entirety:

  1. Minimize the likelihood of serious and/or life-threatening injuries
  2. Pivot point of swings
  3. Swing seats must comply with an impact test
  4. The slope of the sitting section on a swing shall not exceed 18 from horizontal
  5. Embankment slide must meet the required criteria
  6. Spiral slides with open bedways shall maintain a clear area
  7. All openings must be checked to determine if a child's head can become trapped
  8. All playground equipment with a fall height must have surfacing material used within the protective surfacing zone
  9. Cord length and entanglement
  10. Consideration is given to guard against inadvertent falls from upper platforms
  11. Handgrips and Hand-grasps shall conform to the requirements
  12. Clearance between moving parts
  13. Planar nets with a plane angle of inclination must have a required height above the protective surfacing
  14. Roofs or shade elements that are an integral part of a play structure have to be confirmed

Extreme measures are taken by Green Lights to ensure each child's safety and the compliance with CSA of the playground equipment and structures. (Canadian Standards Association - CSA Z614 Standard Requirements.)


Canadian Certified Playground Inspector


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