MySDS Remembers

November 11th, Remembrance Day (originally Armistice Day)

Today, throughout Canada, we honour those who fought for our freedom. Whether remembering a certain loved one or using the day to remember the courage of those we never met, Remembrance Day is a reminder of our veteran's bravery and how they fought for our beautiful country.

Today MySDS holds close, the history of both a beloved family member and the courage of family members presently serving.

Canadian War Veteran George Corbett photos and newspaper article

The late George Henry Corbett was at Vimy Ridge on April 9th, 1917 as part of the 'New Brunswick 26th Battalion'. He would later be discharged from the Canadian Expeditionary Force as a result of a gun shot wound to his chest (1919). He would go on to serve as president of the Great War Veterans Association from 1922 to 1927. After which he was elected president of the Brigadier General George H. Ralston Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion (1927 to 1931). He remained an active member of the legion following his presidency. George Henry Corbett passed away on July 25, 1973. Today, he will be remembered.

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We hope wherever you are today, whatever you may be doing, that you wear your poppy proudly and take the time to show your gratefulness to those who fought, to those who never came home, and to those who are still fighting.

In Flanders Fields, a poem my John McCrae