EPA Reg. 347 C-12 Waste Transportation Driver Training

As described in Regulation 347, the transportation of municipal waste, liquid industrial waste or hazardous waste requires driver training in order to "ensure that wastes are effectively managed from the point of their generation to where they are ultimately processed or disposed of. To provide this necessary control, the regulation includes definitions for different waste types and detailed requirements for a range of waste management activities." Source Ontario's Regulation 351/12, has requirements related to how the training program must be documented for EASR registered systems.

What does this all mean?

Quite simply, you as the driver, must be trained in many aspects of your duties and responsibilities, as well as the functions of your vehicle, and duties surrounding certain issues that may arise. And all of this requires documented information.

What will the course cover?

By the end of Green Lights C-12 course, you will have a better understanding of regulation 347, and how it applies to you, the operator, or driver of the vehicle, in relation to the waste you are hauling and the regulations surrounding those duties. The course covers all required information in reference to Reg.347, Reg.351/12, TDGA, LDR and HWIN.

The course also covers the following:

  • Applicable regulations
  • Individual responsibilities such as the classification of wastes
  • Documentation, both on board the truck and on your person
  • Reportable incidents working with environmental officers, audits and inspections
  • Classification of dangerous goods
  • Basic spill responsibilities

After completing the course and passing the final course test, you will receive a wallet card certification via email.