Online MSDS/SDS Management System

Finally an online MSDS/SDS system that is simple to use and is accessible from anywhere! Our MSDS/SDS Management program offers a variety of options based on the needs of your organization.

MySDS carries the responsibility of obtaining all MSDS/SDSs in your chemical inventory across all of your locations as well as the ongoing maintenance of revisions.

MySDS is available to conduct a full chemical inventory for your facility if you are unsure of the chemicals that currently exist.

Your MSDS/SDSs will be accessible from your desktop as well as from your phone or tablet. At anytime, anywhere, you will have access to all of the MySDS information you need, and more!

MySDS can provide you with a template to complete your product inventory. Once you return the list to us, we'll cross reference the items with our database and create an MSDS/SDS library specific to your company.

If we find there are products in your inventory that require an MSDS/SDS for which we don't already have in our database, we will acquire it directly from the manufacturer on your behalf.

Send MySDS your MSDSs/SDSs in electronic or hard copy and we'll take care of the rest.

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Green Lights Environmental is a driving force behind health and safety

Is your company WHMIS compliant?

Complement your existing Chemical Safety Program

  • Workplace Safety Labels & Signs
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Stench Gas (MWD) Disposal
  • MSDS/SDS Authoring
  • OH&S Regulatory Requirements
  • TDG Placards and Labels
  • Safety Training such as: Job Specific Chemical Handling, Spill Response, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (road, rail, marine, air), GHS/ WHMIS 2015, and more.

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